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We think Financial Controlling.

Planen, analysieren, berichten in einem vollintegrierten CPM-System

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Collective strength for best results

As Diamond Partner of Jedox, provides high-class consulting for clients all over the world. Our team delivered more than 500 CPM-projects for over 100 clients successfully and provides a lot of technical as well as economical know how.

The planning technology Jedox, which has received excellent ratings from analysts (BARC: The Planning Survey 2020), serves as a basis to deliver solutions with significant customer value.

Christoph Streng, Chief Customer Officer, Jedox AG:

“We are very proud to welcome to our partner network. With this partnership we strengthen our market presence in the areas of integrated planning, AI, financial consolidation and planning for Salesforce. We are pleased to offer tailor-made solutions for our customers together.”  



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New whitepaper: "Just storm the castle or develop a strategy first?"


Is your knowledge of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) up to date? Check it out and find out about a controlling approach that helps sales, operations and finance departments make fast, informed decisions.  How? Learn more in the whitepaper:

  1. The possibility to improve planning, reporting, analysis and forecasting quality through the 4-step controlling process for efficient management.
  2. Monitor sales success and significantly increase financial and operational performance.
  3. Achieve 100% confidence in your company data by seamlessly connecting all data sources in the company, thereby saving massive amounts of time and money (50% time saving).
  4. Focus on those activities with the highest added value and lay the foundation for fast and informed data-driven decisions.
  5. Establish efficient, automated processes based on the latest scientific findings, e.g. AI-supported data analysis and forecasting.

If you, like many others, are still busy organizing and sending dozens of Excel files and would like to have a better overview, then get our tips and insights - collected from hundreds of practical projects. It can't hurt to have a look at the current state of knowledge about CPM: integrated planning, precise forecasting and efficient analysis, born from scientific research and practical projects.


You can only benefit from the contents of the whitepaper! Download now!