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We think Financial Controlling.

In 5 simple steps to the value-oriented S&OP approach. Step up to the highest level of the maturity model!

Which actions to take to reach the highest S&OP maturity level?

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Fill in and get the Whitepaper now!

Get the Whitepaper and gain valuable insights in:

  1. The 5 steps to value-oriented S&OP - a success model based on scientific findings and numerous practical projects you will benefit from.
  2. How fast you can develop to stage 5: A coordinated connected company.
  3. How to balance Supply & Demand efficiently and automatically match top-down and bottom-up targets.
  4. Agile and pro-active decision making: Profit from S&OP performance management including Risk-Value and Price-Optimization Analysis, Deviation Analysis, optimization of sales force effort, resource optimization, prognosis of bottlenecks, optimization of production, ad-hoc analysis and drill-down function to ERP-system etc.
  5. Massive S&OP process improvements through integration with Integrated Financial planning. Simulation and comparison of different scenarios of S&OP impact on P&L/Balance Sheet/Cash Flow: Achieve complete cost and risk control.
  6. Integrated tools for online collaboration (MS-Teams Integration, MS-Planner) for all S&OP meetings.
  7. Get insights how to improve forecasts up to 20-50%, reduce storage costs by 10-30%, achieve production time savings from 5-15% and increase delivery time by 5-10%.