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We think Financial Controlling.

Optimize Supply and Demand balancing

Strategic planning of capacity and demand leveraging precise AI-powered forecasting


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Sales & Operations Performance Management 


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  1. Increasing forecast accuracy by using AI and the possibility of powerful scenario-based comparisons

  2. Improving product availability for marketing and reduction of the number of obsolete products

  3. Balancing supply & demand and benefit from a resource requirement plan

  4. Increasing return on assets (ROA) as well as capacity utilization

  5. Enhancing efficiency, sales and top line revenue significantly, while reducing manual planning work at the same time

  6. Monitoring the current planning status and taking early action regarding new developments

  7. Raising supply chain visibility and reduce inventory levels and thus costs

  8. Raise revenue growth through clearer focus on high margin products

Optimizing S&OP Management, such as the automation of supply and demand balancing, has severe business impact. Companies opting for state-of-the-art capacity and demand planning benefit from improved production quality and reliability, higher delivery agility and reliability. 

Overall S&OP Performance Management aims to improve supply chain resilience, more efficiency and higher customer satisfaction due to better product availability, lower lead time and more acurate response to market demand.