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Complete insight and enhanced performance with the smart Power User Suite.


The Power User Suite gives you a full view of your planning model and optimizes your system's performance.


  • Interaktive und individuell gestaltbare Dashboards, die auf allen Endgeräten abrufbar sind
  • Eine direkte und automatisierte Anbindung an Ihr Unit4 FP&A
  • Die nahtlose Integration in Ihre Microsoft Software-Landschaft (Office-Integration)
  • Eine Plattform mit Top-Performance und innovativen Features
  • Mehr Insights durch KI-gesteuerte Analysen und mühelose Ad-Hoc-Auswertungen

Direct integration with Unit4 FP&A (prevero)

Automatic, real-time access to Unit4 FP&A (prevero) data - through the smartPM.solutions Power BI Connector

Clear and structured model visualization

Identify model relationships at a glance, graphically and in tabular form, regardless of your device

Analyzing system performance

Gain crucial insights into calculation times, active cube and report usage, where data imports and manual imports are required.

Automatic documentation

Access concise overviews of metrics, cubes, reports, imports, etc., saving time and enhancing clarity within the system

Optimizing performance

Easily identify and correct referencing errors in cubes, slow macros, or report issues. Enhance your performance.

State-of-the-art technology

Benefit from continuous, innovative software development - Improved usability and top performance


Currently, we find it challenging to keep track of our planning model with all its logics and understand how cubes, metrics, and worksheets are interconnected. This became particularly evident during the onboarding of new colleagues. We anticipate that this problem will no longer persist in the future, as we have decided to install and implement the Power User Suite from smartPM.solutions. This tool allows us to visualize and document model relationships effectively. Additionally, we expect to streamline our system by removing unused reports and worksheets, thereby improving performance. The Power User Suite facilitates this process by automatically conducting continuous performance analyses, including cube and macro calculation times, formula analysis, etc. For these reasons, we made an early decision to adopt the Power User Suite from smartPM.solutions.

Rüdiger Tesch
Rüdiger Tesch
Head of Business Administration
DEW21 - Energy and Water Supply Company Dortmund
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