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Planning in Power BI - watch videos now

Video Walkthrough:

Video 1:                             7:33 min

  • Advantages of using Power BI for planning
  • Application Expamples of in Power BI
  • smart planning approach
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Video 2:                              6:33 min

  • Guided Workflow, Role Concepts
  • Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up Planning & MS Teams Integration
  • Planning Calendar (Gantt Chart)
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Video 3:                               8:41 min

  • User Interface
  • Smart Planning in Power BI
  • Integrated Business Planning
  • All loose ends connected
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Video 5:                                1:57 min

  • Predictive Analytics - connection with external data and AI
  • Price Development & Forecast
  • Cost Driver Analysis
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Video 4:                               7:06 min

  • Inititative Tracker
  • Optimize Project Performance
  • Increase Procurement Performance: Savings & Spendings
  • Management Dashboard
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Video 6:                              2:36 min

  • From Strategy to Businss Results
  • Scenario Comparison - effect of decisions on B/S, CFS, P/L statement
  • Deviation Analysis
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