Advanced Performance Management 

Welcome to part 1 of our Bootcamp series

... and expect valuable insights from over 500 successful projects on the following topics:

  • How to avoid common mistakes in PPM and connect PPM to integrated planning. 

  • How to leverage Project Governance Standards (e.g. Prince2, PMBOK, PMI) and monitor/optimize project success via projects' life cycles.
  • Project Demand Forecast & Project Launch

  • How to trigger and evaluate new projects (or project ideas).

    Forecast project demand and balance with resource capacity.

  • How to benefit from embedded MS Teams and Planner integration for online collaboration.
  • How to work with standard status reports, highlighting deviations regarding cost, timelines and milestones. Order to cash monitoring, contribution margin calculation and automated connection to integrated financial planning (P/L, B/S, Cash Flow). Scenario impact analysis,  commitment monitoring and lessons learned per project. 

    We wish you many enlightening moments! Just fill in the form and watch the video tutorials.

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