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We think Financial Controlling.

Integrated Financial Planning: Connect all loose ends for the big picture

Reliable analysis. Holistic performance management. Efficient planning.

Software solution for integrated financial planning

IFP Factsheet Integrated Financial Planning

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Factsheet Integrated Financial Planning


Get the Factsheet and explore the benefits of fully-connected business planning. Learn how  to:

  1. Connect relevant data from various different sources in one single point of truth
  2. Collect and merge sub-plan data like sales, cost or CAPEX in a unified system to automatically generate P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statement
  3. Perform scenario-based simulations and rolling forecasts to effectively answer what-if questions
  4. Focus on decisions with more efficient planning, reporting and forecasting processes
  5. Reduce planning cost and time up to 50% (according to our clients)

Learn from other companies and best-practice solutions. Download the Factsheet now!