Advanced Performance Management 

"Just storm the castle or having a plan of action?"


Improve your knowledge about a Corporate Performance Management approach that  covers both BI and CPM requirements and leads to faster and more substantial control in Sales Operations and Financial Departments.  Get insights how to:

  1. Improve planning, reporting, analysis and forecasting quality by adopting the recommended 4-stage FP&A process for efficient management
  2. Monitor sales success and boost financial and operational performance
  3. Achieve 100% data reliability and benefit from less effort in actual data preparation and processing - consolidate all decentralized, department-owned data
  4. Focus on highest value tasks - Build the foundation for fast and substantial in-depth data-driven decisions
  5. Build up efficient, automatized processes using the latest findings of scientific research, e.g. AI-based data analysis and forecasting


Are you still trapped in cycles of sending back and forth dozens of MS Excel files, containing hundreds of sheets and pivot tables? Get helpful advice, hints and tips on modern sales performance management and forecasting embedded in a fully-integrated business planning framework. Learn about the Business performance Success Formula based on scientific literature and practical experience with hundreds of customers.

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