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We think Financial Controlling.

Best Corporate Performance Management Technology combined with excellent consulting


Corporate Performance Management & BI tool for integrated business planning, budgeting, analysis, forecasting, reporting and consolidation

Use a flexible, robust and precise performance management software to gain the decisive insights for controlling and management from all your company data. Benefit from the best performance management & business intelligence technology from Jedox, MS Power BI or Unit4 FP&A (prevero) combined with smart business know-how. Trust in experienced consultants with a top average customer rating of 4.9 (out of 5 stars) for projects.

Take the right decision: Trust in top performance management software + a smart project team

Deciding for the “right” Corporate Performance Management Software is challenging. Our experience shows, that project success is a combination of a high-quality CPM software solutions AND a top implementation team. smartPM is well known for their highly skilled, trusted team offering more performance, efficiency and higher quality.